Who We Are

Au revoir. Salut ! It is time for a break for the Big Cat. What a run it has been. Over the last 18 years I have lived the life of 100 men in this amazing sport. It all started by winning the national championship my rookie year…..what a high! Since then I have won all there is to win in this sport, 10 national championships, 4 world titles and 73 checkered flags over 311 races. 2007 brought me into the Hall Of Champions and every other award that could be won was mine save the illusive “triple crown”. 18 rock festivals, 12 TV shows, 4 movies …muscle madness was everywhere…I’m humbled by that.If something isn’t fun, then its just not worth doing. Sadly, the sport of offshore racing has gone through some tough times and just doesn’t do it for me anymore. Off to a new adventure I go. I would like to thank all my fans from around the world for their overwhelming friendship and support. The rescue divers and medics for keeping an eye on me and saving my life more than once after a nasty tangle. Most importantly to my team who kept me on top all those years. Cheers to all. Keep checking in, there is always something new coming. As I have always said, “when they zip up the black bag with me in it…well, I’m probably done.” Diamond Dave Out

2002 SBI National Champs

1998 National Champion 2005 National Champion
1999 National Champion 2007 National Champion
2003 National Champion 2008 National Champion
2004 National Champion 1997 Sportsman of the Year
2000 World Champion 1997 Driver of the Year
2000 National Champion 1997 Bill Sirois Memorial Trophy
2000 Gold Cup Champion 1996 National Champion
1998 National Champion 1996 Rookie of the Year
1998 Offshore Racing Medal of Honor 1996 Offshore Sportsman of the Year
1998 Offshore Racing Award of Valor 2007 Hall of Champions
2007 National Champions
2009 National Champions
2010 European Champions
2012 World Champions
2011 World Champions/Racer of The Year
2013 National and European Champions
How much do we take for granted? Ask yourself this…Do you really live life? People tell me to slow down all the time. Why?”, Dave Branch