MuscleRacing is the sum total of so many who have been part of our lives. Tragically, some are no longer with us to share the victories . They have made all our lives better, and will be with us forever..
Jane Donahue Branch 1935-2002 Mother of "Diamond Dave", Dan and Mary ... Wife of "Twig" and "Mama Muscle" to All
Al "Cowboy" Brenneman 8/26/1971-4/2/2007 Click here for a tribute to "Cowboy"
Rhett Davis 11/30/2006 Click here for a tribute to Rhett
From all of us at MuscleTeam, our thoughts and heartfelt condolences go out to all the family and friends of our friend, Kevin Brown who passed away on April 18th,2008. It will be impossible to race at Sarasota this year without reflecting on the many years, the love and tireless energy that he gave to the Suncoast Offshore event and the entire Sarasota community. He was a great friend to all of us. The 2008 Sarasota race was dedicated to Kevin, and he was always in our thoughts. From the entire racing community ... thank you Kevin for all you gave to all of us. Rest in Peace, friend.
Nothing underscores the family atmosphere of offshore racing more than when we lose one of our own. As we grieve the loss, we celebrate how much John meant to everyone he touched and to the sport and people he so loved, as they loved him. As big a man as he was, his legacy is even larger. After 4 decades of racing, it is impossible to begin to measure the impact he has had to all who knew him, and his spirit lives on in this great sport. From all of us at Muscle Team, our thoughts, prayers and condolences go out to the entire family. Rest in peace, friend and thank you for all you have meant. You are missed... and will be remembered.